T–Shirt Protocol for Summer Classes

You may only wear a t-shirt the color of your rank. If for example, you are a yellow belt you should try to wear a yellow t-shirt. If you don’t have a yellow t-shirt, then you may wear a white t-shirt.

The only exception to the rule above is that a student may wear any “Attitude for Gold” tournament t-shirt. With the exception of the “Attitude for Gold” T-shirts, all other t-shirts shall contain no verbiage, designs, logos, or any other artwork.

T-shirts may not be “cut-offs”! Any cut-off t-shirts must have a hem sewed into the sleeve. NO TANK TOPS! You may wear the no sleeve t-shirts that have the Nike, Adidas, Under Armour logos or any other single logo on the breast area of the T-shirt! ALL T-SHIRTS MUST BE TUCKED IN. NO EXCEPTIONS!